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How to know if your car needs new tires

Do I need to replace my Car Tires?

Knowing how to check a tire is one of the most important vehicle maintenance skills you can
master. Not only will you know whether your tire pressure is at its ideal level, but also how much
wear it’s expected to have.

1- The Coin Test
Whether you’re shopping for new car tires or repairing the ones on your car, knowing how to
check for proper tire pressure is essential. You can easily get a good indication of whether you
need to add air by using the tires coin test.
The coin test can be used to check car tires for tread and overall condition. It will give you an
idea if the tire has enough tread that it won’t cause problems when driving in wet conditions, and
whether or not the tire is old enough to be replaced.
This is a simple method – place a coin in the groove between the tire and the rim, if you can see
any of the top of the coin or if it wobbles at all, then your tire is deflated.

2-Checking the tread wear bar
Most tires have a built-in tread wear indicator. This feature makes it easy to know when you
need new tires; the bars are located in between the tire treads and when they’re even with the
tread, it’s time to replace them. Tires come in different sizes and shapes, depending on the
vehicle they fit. Light truck, medium commercial, and performance tires are often equipped with
these indicators.
Check your tires often. If the tread is uneven, the tire is worn out. Replace the tire before it fails.
For example, some tires have a built-in tread wear indicator. This feature can make it easier to
know when your tires need to be replaced.
Tires will have varying degrees of wear based on how you drive and maintain them. But if the
bars are missing or worn out, the tire shouldn’t be trusted for safety reasons.

image 10 - How to know if your car needs new tires - Repair and service

What are the risks from ignoring a Tire checkup?

The main danger of ignoring car tires is that your car will not drive well. It may feel as though the
vehicle could blow up if you press on the gas too hard. In addition, the tires could blow out,
which can lead to an accident if it occurs at high speeds. With proper care and maintenance,
however, you can extend the life of your tires and prevent these problems from happening

  1. Flat tires:A flat tire is a damaged tire that will not hold air. Flat tires can occur due to
    several reasons, including a puncture from road debris or a blowout from driving too fast
    for the road conditions. When a tire is flat, it results in less grip on the road, which can be
  2. Lower traction: Tire traction is what prevents your car from slipping on a surface. Lower
    traction can cause loose control over the vehicle and may lead to accidents. It also
    causes damage to your tires and increases fuel consumption.
  3. Tire failure: Tire failure is when a tire experiences a sudden and complete loss of air
    pressure, or “blowout”, which can cause the vehicle to lose control. Tire blowouts often
    result in a dangerous accident and can cause serious injury or death.
  4. Losing control: If you have a flat tire, you could lose control of your vehicle. Moving to the
    side of the road is best while fixing flat tires. Any vehicle that has incurred a flat tire
    should be inspected for damage before driving it again.
  5. Dangerous accidents: Keeping your tires in good shape is essential to keeping control
    over your vehicle and staying safe on the road. If a tire is worn out or under-inflated, it
    can lead to dangerous handling situations. You might not even know you have a problem
    with your tires until it’s too late, like when you suddenly lose control of your car due to an
    unexpected blowout.
    Failing tires can lead to dangerous—even deadly—loss of control. That’s why it’s
    important to keep your tires in their best condition. Check your tire pressure regularly
    and have it checked by a professional at least once a year.
image 7 - How to know if your car needs new tires - Repair and service

Who can check my car tires?

  1. Car repair service:A car tire can be a dangerous thing if it is not properly maintained.
    Regular maintenance will help keep you safe. A car repair service may check the state of
    your tires, position and pressure of each tire, tread depth and other features to make
    sure they are safe for use on the road.
  2. You: You can check the car tire pressure and ensure that they are the correct size, as
    well as inflated to the correct pressures. If you were able to follow the methods
    mentioned above make sure to check your tires before every trip, especially before long
    journeys in remote areas.
    Also, Replace tires with ones that offer higher speed ratings and grip when braking on
    wet surfaces if you regularly travel through countryside or mountainous regions.
  3. Friends or Family members: anyone you know who has some knowledge in car tires can
    check the pressure for you

Car tires are important in the safety of your car, so anytime you see a leak or notice that the tire
pressure is low, it is best to check the pressure and get it filled up to the right level. You could
easily do this at home, or take it to a mechanic and get the pressure checked for you. The most
important thing is that you don’t ignore this issue.

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